Chris Jericho Says Chris Benoit Did Not Like Making Mistakes During Matches


The most recent edition of Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast was based around the wrestling career of Chris Benoit.

Jericho spoke on how much Chris Benoit did not like to make mistakes during matches. Here’s the Highlight:

Jericho Said:

“I remember I worked with Chris once in Japan, tag team match when I started going to New Japan when I started with WCW. I went for a spin-kick and I missed, but I only missed to the point where no one would see it because Chris bumped so fast that we just continued on. It wasn’t like when you screw up or a blatant mistake, it was like; I didn’t hit him as crispy as I should of but he still bumped. After the match was done I went looking for him, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I found him in the boiler room doing squats and I said: ‘what are you doing?’ and he said: ‘you know I never should have bumped off that, that was so unprofessional of me and it was such a bad rookie mistake, I had to do squats.’ He did five-hundred squats as like purging himself for making that mistake. You know, when you hear things like that then you kinda equate it to the last few days. There was a lot of issues with him. Even though he was so good, maybe one of the best ever, maybe the best ever in a lot of ways, he still had that self confidence problem, like you said, asking you if that match was good, really?”

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