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Chris Jericho Explains Who Was Originally Supposed To Be The Exalted One


On an episode of Talk is Jericho, Dr. Luther was discussing his audition to be the Exalted One. Chris Jericho explained to Luther that he likely didn’t have a chance to play that role because the Young Bucks already had someone in mind for that role. Jericho mentions Matt Hardy, who everyone assumed would become the Exalted One, as a possibility, and of course Brodie Lee. He also mentions their original choice:

“I think right off the bat, the Bucks were like, we want, I think the original plan was Marty Scurll to be the leader of the Dark Order, and then they wanted Matt Hardy, which then morphed of course to Luke Harper. So I think that you were out of the equation because they had other guys in mind.”


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