Chris Jericho Discusses His Disappointment With His Wrestlemania 18 Main Event Against Triple H


Chris Jericho recently sat down with Inside The Ropes TV to discuss his lone Wrestlemania main event match against Triple H at Wrestlemania 18. Jericho revealed that he was disappointed in the match and feels that there was no way that they could have possibly followed The Rock v Hulk Hogan. Here are the highlights:

On Not Wanting To Go On Last & Never Re-Watching The Match:

Let’s be honest, [it was] a main event in the fact that it was on last, but the main event of the show was Hogan and Rock and I knew it. And it was actually most of the people pitching to have their match on last. I was pitching [for Triple H and I] not to go on last because I said, ‘How do you follow Hogan and Rock?’ And Triple H, and probably rightfully so, was fighting for the title match to be last but we couldn’t follow it. We just couldn’t and you could just see the air go out of the room. That’s a match, I’ve never watched it back I remember being kind of disappointed in it. Main event at WrestleMania?

On Thinking His Initial Run As Undisputed Champion Was Terrible:

Just because you’re on last does not make you the main event, but still, we were on last and I can say that I still have the card that they gave out with the programs. It was an old school card that had all the matches: WrestleMania main event – Jericho vs. Triple H. And with my legacy established and some people saying that Jericho is the G.O.A.T and all this other sh–, at the time, I was the first undisputed champion but that was the end of the line. It took me seven years to win the title back again, and that run with the undisputed championship – to win it was great. But the whole run with it was terrible for me, in my opinion.

On Still Being Proud To Have Closed A Wrestlemania:

It was more of a forgotten thing, so, the buildup for the [WrestleMania]match wasn’t great, the positioning of the match wasn’t great, and in my opinion, the match wasn’t great, but, I can say I was in the main event of WrestleMania, so, there you go.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: Inside the Ropes TV. H/T WrestlingInc.

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