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Chris Jericho Defeats Nick Gage At Fight For The Fallen, Has To Face Lucha-Libre Legend Juventud Guerrera As Next Labor To Get To MJF


The hits just keep on coming for Chris Jericho.

The Painmaker somehow survived the brutal onslaught of Nick Gage on tonight’s AEW Fight for the Fallen, defeating the Deathmatch King after spitting the Great Muta’s mist in his eyes and connecting with his Judas Effect finisher. As soon as the bell rang MJF revealed to Jericho that his next labor will include a singles matchup with lucha-libre legend Juventud Guerrera, an opponent Jericho knows well from his WCW days, with the added stipulation that Jericho needs to win the match with a maneuver off the top rope.

See the clip below, or check out our full results to Fight for the Fallen here.

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