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Chris Jericho Addresses New Promotion And IMPACT Rumors, Talks Constantly Evolving, What’s Next For Fozzy


In a new interview with Drew Dalby, the Ayatollah of Rock’N’Rolla Chris Jericho discusses with Drew the uprise of his band Fozzy, from headlining shows in Winnipeg to opening in Los Angeles for Iron Maiden, and what he foresees in their future as they continue to grow in popularity. He also talks some pro-wrestling, addressing the rumors of going to IMPACT, thoughts on Tony Khan’s possible new promotion, and whether or not he’ll return to the WWE. Y2J admits that the door is open on all those possibilities, but one thing that is for certain…The List…is no more.

I think that’s one of the cool things about this whole year. I’ve really given fans of Jericho a lot to be happy about, and a lot to look forward to. Lots of surprises, from the Kenny Omega match last year all the way up until what we’re talking about today. And the best thing is I don’t know what I’m going to do. There’s nothing set in stone. I have spoken to people in all those organizations that you’ve mentioned. IMPACT…I had a great conversation with them the other day in Toronto and there’s some great matches I could have there, and why wouldn’t I go if it was right? There’s a lot of matches in Japan that I’d still like to have. Is Tony Khan opening his own company? I’ve heard nothing that says he’s not. And of course WWE is WWE. I have almost a 20 year history there. I could walk in the door tomorrow and know exactly what to do to get that reaction. I’ll tell you one thing…there won’t be a list. That’s done. I don’t feel it anymore.

Going more in depth on the List, Jericho explains why it’s so important to never do the same thing throughout your career.

It doesn’t feel right. Maybe it will, but right now the thought of walking in with a list…I just don’t feel that. When I see DX for example, they come out with the DX shirts and that sort of thing. It doesn’t feel the same. Ya know? They should change the name or something. But that’s their thing. My thing…is never do the same thing because that’s when people just get bored of you. Complacent. I don’t like that. If I’m gonna still be wrestling I still want to be at the top of my game and still creating moments that people will always remember, and the only way I can do that is by changing who I am as a character and what I do in the ring and out of the ring that’s constantly evolving.

Check out the full interview below.

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