Chris Evert bewitched by Arya Sabalenka: “She’s pretty intense”


Aryna Sabalenka won her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2023, beating Elena Rybakina in the final in three sets.

Former US legend Chris Evert complimented the Belarusian star on the beautiful performance she showed in Melbourne.

Evert, on Twitter commented on the remarkable results achieved by Aryna Sabalenka in recent weeks. She said during an Eurosport interview: “I have no reason to believe that Sabalenka will not win more than one Grand Slam. Why? I see two things. I see hunger and I see boldness. Whether that’s fearlessness or what, it’s tied-up , the boldness, fearlessness, confidence. I see that swagger. Like this girl wants it. You can see it in her eyes, she’s pretty intense.”

Aryna Sabalenka’s words

Coming back to talk about her victory at the Slam Down Under, Sabalenka said: “It was like a dream, sometimes it seemed that I would wake up, disappointed that it was not real. I am very happy with this victory and due to my level of tennis I had to fight hard for this trophy. To get this win like this was incredible. I didn’t expect to cry, but many thoughts formed in my head, I felt very proud of myself and happy for my whole team.

It was the best moment of my life so far. I’ve been through some very difficult times this past year, but they say everything happens for a reason, I just couldn’t figure out why. What did I do wrong to deserve this? Now that I have it, I finally get it. I wouldn’t have won a Grand Slam without having a hard time, I would definitely keep screaming or crying on the court instead of playing tennis.

That’s why I’ve become a different player, I’ve become calmer on the court, I’ve started to respect myself a little more. Today I believe more in myself, that’s what helped me. In the past After losing the first set, I think I would have gone crazy with myself, to the point of easily giving him the second. But this time I kept fighting, I forced myself to move a little better, play a little deeper and catch the ball early to make her uncomfortable.

He just had to keep her moving, work for every point, but the main thing was to keep fighting. In a Grand Slam final nobody will make it easy for you. Winning a Grand Slam is a great relief, but it’s also like a drug, I want to try again.

It motivates me a lot, I want to improve and become the best, I know I still have a lot to work on on the track. Right now I still need a couple of days to realize everything that happened, I feel like I’m on another planet, trying to figure out what just happened. This has been the best morning of my life.”

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