Charlotte On Not Seeing Herself As A Wrestler, Main Eventing Shows & More


Charlotte was a guest yesterday on Fresno’s “Fox 26’s Great Day”. During the interview, she revealed that she didn’t foresee herself becoming a wrestler early on in life, how she feels now that she is often in the main event and more. Here are the highlights:

On Why She Didn’t See Herself Growing Up To Be A Wrestler:

When you grow up having your father being one of the greatest of all time you just don’t see yourself in that light. I also didn’t see myself as a Diva at the time, but six years ago it was my little brother’s dream [Reid Flair] to be a WWE Superstar but he passed away and now I’m continuing his dream and every day when I walk through that curtain I’m just like ‘I’m doing it for my brother.

On Being In The Main Event:

My moment’s right now and the women are absolutely killing it in the WWE. We’re taking over in a male-dominated industry which is now women headlining it. It’s almost like we main-evented Sunday and it’s like ‘oh they main-evented.’ It almost sounded normal.

On Where She Thinks She Will Be In Ten Years:

I think I will always be apart of this company or this industry. Company for sure. It’s one of those things once you’re apart of it and once you get that bug. It’s hard to walk away. When my dad retired in 2008 with his match versus Shawn Michaels then when I didn’t know anything about the company or my dad’s career, really. I was like ‘why can’t you just hang up the boots? Why are you having such a hard time?’ And here I am, 2018, not knowing that this was going to be my destiny. I don’t know if I could ever walk away. Whether it’s coaching or producing, I’ll always be in the business.

You can view the full video below:

Credit: Fox 26’s Great Day. H/T Wrestlezone

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