Charlotte Flair On Why She Re-Watches All Of Her Matches & More


Charlotte Flair recently sat down with “SportBIBLE” while she was over in the UK for the opening of the new performance center. During the interview, she discussed the difficulties of making it to the main roster, being a homegrown talent and why she watches all of her matches after the fact. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On Being A Homegrown Talent:

I know my dad’s Ric Flair but when I showed up at FCW/NXT, I didn’t know anything about wrestling – I didn’t watch it, I didn’t study it, I didn’t know the history of it – I just knew I liked my dad and he was a wrestler.

If you take a clean slate like me, even though I played division one volleyball, the performance center molded me. Yes, I had the last name but I wasn’t allowed to woo, I wasn’t allowed to chop and I couldn’t do the figure four.

I couldn’t do anything like my dad, and I think they were like, ‘Wow she’s got the it factor, maybe she can carry the name’.

They’ve molded a professional wrestler from nothing is how I look at it.

On How Hard It Is To Make The Main Roster:

I still think regardless of the performance center, it’s hard to make it to Raw or Smackdown.

I do think it’s easier to get noticed but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get called up. They [the NXT UK up and coming talents] are just going to have to make a lot of sacrifices.

This is something that you have to think about 24/7 and it can be monotonous day in, day out – but you’ll get your break, there will come a day.

And when you have that moment, just utilize every opportunity from the strength coach, to the promo class, to the extra time because every little bit counts.

On Why She Re-Watches All Of Her Matches:

I talked to my dad about this because he never watched his matches back, so I go, ‘Well I wonder why it’s so beneficial for me’ because I kind of take everything he says to heart.

But I can still critique every moment in my match, whether it helps me get better or if it’s just learning as you go along. I think it’s very helpful, especially because the performance center has all the technology to do that – even with your promos that you can watch back.

You can read the full Charlotte Flair SportBIBLE interview by clicking HERE

Credit: SportBIBLE.

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