Charlotte Flair On Her Dad’s Legacy & Blazing Her Own Trail


Charlotte recently appeared on WBRC-TV. During the interview, she discussed her dad’s legacy and why she believes that she has blazed her own trail. Here’s what Charlotte had to say:

My dad’s legacy means the world to me. But do I pay homage to him or do I not? Is it OK to ‘WOO’? Is it not OK? Is it too much? Is it not? I just have to tell myself, and remember, that I am way more athletic than my dad was and what I am doing now, it’s OK to continue my dad’s legacy, and carry the last name, and WOO, and strut, and do all those things because … I’m going above and beyond and showing that I’m also a talent — versus just Flair’s kid.

Credit: WBRC-TV. H/T Charlotte Observer.

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