Charlotte def. Bayley via pinfall to retain the title


Women’s Championship (Raw) — Charlotte (c) def. Bayley via pinfall to retain the title: A thrilling match to start the show. Charlotte dominated early, but Bayley got in some good offense starting with a Macho Man-inspired elbow drop that nearly resulted in a three count. Charlotte, bloodied in the mouth following the move, kicked out and put Bayley in the Figure Four Leg Lock, eventually converting it into her signature Figure Eight and using the ropes for extra leverance. Once the referee broke up the maneuver, Charlotte climbed to the top rope for a moonsault only for Bayley to bring up her knee to block it. Bayley immediately began selling an injured knee, which Charlotte attacked. Bayley exited the ring to kneel on the apron in an attempt to recover, but Charlotte took advantage by running behind her and hitting Natural Selection on the apron. She earned the easy 1-2-3 and is now 16-0 all-time in women’s championship title defenses at pay-per-views.

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