Charlotte and Becky Title Exchange Segment Edited For WWE SmackDown Encore On FOX


This past Friday’s WWE SmackDown on FOX featured a title swapping segment between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, which has been a hot story this weekend due to the unplanned occurrences during the segment and the backstage controversy that occurred afterwards. You can read full details on the incident and how Flair was escorted out of the arena afterwards here.

However, WWE seemed aware enough to edit the segment on the SmackDOwn encore that aired on FOX last night. The reason for the encore was because FOX had an open slot after the MLB ALCS playoff series between the Astros and the Red Sox ended early.

In the edit Flair no longer drops the belt on the ground, and instead there are inserted shots of the crowd reacting. Lynch throwing the belt at Flair has been left in as that was apart of the original script. Check it out below.

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