Cesaro And Sheamus On If They Still Want To Move To SmackDown


WrestlingInc recently interviewed RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus ahead of last Saturday’s WWE live event in New Delhi. Cesaro And Sheamus talked On If They Still Want To Move To SmackDown.

There was a time when Cesaro said he’d be willing to move to SmackDown Live. What are your thoughts on that not happening?

Cesaro: “Oh yeah, no no…” (Cesaro and Sheamus laugh)

Cesaro: “That’s what I said, and that’s what I thought at that time. But the thing is, I always said and I always thought in my mind that I’m going to make RAW my show.”

Sheamus: “Bullet dodged!… Your show?”

Cesaro: “He (Sheamus) had the same thought. He was frustrated.”

Sheamus: “I’m still frustrated!”

Cesaro: “And he felt the same thing. Also, we became a team, and now look at us! We’re always… we’re the best thing on RAW.”

Sheamus: “We’re wearing the same branded shirts and all!”

Cesaro: “Yeah, same branded shirts, we always work out, and we’re the tag team champions! So, yes, SmackDown is in the rear – view mirror.”

Sheamus: “It’s the B – show!”

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