Cesaro Ready For The Chance To “Prove His Worth” At WrestleMania 37, Comments On Vince McMahon Saying He Wasn’t A Draw, Rollins and more


WWE superstar Cesaro was the latest guest on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast where the Swiss-Superman discussed a number of topics, most notably how he’s ready to prove his worth against Seth Rollins at this week’s WrestleMania 37 pay per view. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he feels some pressure in his first high-stakes singles WrestleMania matchup:

There are so many people that I feel support me and want me to do well. This is my first WrestleMania where I have a singles match, so of course, the pressure is on. I want to make everybody proud, and I want to show everybody that I deserve this. I want to show everybody that what they believe in can happen and what they believe in is happening [and] that I’m worthy of their support. So, there’s a lot of pressure.

How he feels like he can build up momentum out of nowhere and how he responded to Vince McMahon saying he wasn’t a draw:

Well, that’s the thing. People are like, ‘Oh, you had momentum before, and then it flounders.’ It gets harder and harder to build momentum. But I also think I’ve been good at building momentum out of nowhere, like on Talking Smack. I always have to prove to somebody – even if it’s me – that I can do it. Like you said, the thing with Vince on the podcast, it’s like, yeah, of course, I’m still here. It’s been like seven years, and I’m still here. And I’m doing really well. That just speaks for itself. Again, that’s one of those where I feel like actions speak louder than words because there are a lot of people that come out the next day and go public or on Twitter and be like, ‘Well, I am this. I am that.

On his recent Talking Smack promo:

That Talking Smack promo that I did would not have worked five years ago. It worked now because people are seeing my body of work. And they know what I say is not only what I believe in but also what I live by and what I do every day. Like, I’m not the one that says, ‘I work really hard. I train every day. I do this, and I do that.’ No, they’ve seen me on TV and off TV for the last 8-9 years doing it all of the time, every time. I do believe actions speak louder than words. And if you actually say something, it just backs it up. I was always under the impression that I don’t want to be the one that’s cheerleading for myself. That’s just lame. I have a lot of people watching who have followed my career and believe [in me]. And I need to be there for them.

On Seth Rollins:

This is my first singles match, and it’s against Seth Rollins, who has arguably one of the best runs in WrestleMania in recent history. So, that’s another hurdle to overcome. It’s a great and tremendous chance for me to prove my worth.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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