Cesaro On Comparisons To Jason Statham


During an appearance on Chasing Glory, Cesaro commented on people who say he looks like Jason Statham. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s a funny story, when I was on the indies, I used to shave my head, right? It cost a lot of money to buy a lot of razors and the cheap razors they always cut your head, right? And then one of these days I always show Jason Statham on TV. It was like a morning show that we were watching and I was like, ‘That looks awesome! I think I can do that.’ So I just started clipping my hair instead of shaving it because also a lot of people shave their head so it’s like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and that’s what people just associate in wrestling with the bald guy so I was like, ‘Oh, sweet I can pull that off.’ So ever since then I’ve just been wearing that, so thank you. Lucky enough, I’m just tall enough so no one can see the top of my head that there’s actually still hair missing so, yeah.

No, I think it’s actually cool and to be also fair, I’ve seen pretty much all Jason Statham movies so I’m a huge fan so yeah.

So see that’s the thing, everybody always asks me that. They’re like, ‘Hey! Anybody tell you that you look like Jason Statham?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, all the time.’

He interviewed Jason Statham for his radio show right? And I was like, ‘Please tell me, please tell me you asked him,’ I was like, ‘Hey! Anybody ever tell you you look like the wrestler Cesaro?’ and he was like, ‘Oh, I forgot!’ I was like, ‘Oh, there was my one chance!’ I really hope somebody brings that up to him at least every now and again because I’d think that would be hilarious.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: Chasing Glory. H/T Wrestlezone.

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