Cesaro On Being Fired From Deep South Wrestling In 2006


During his appearance on Chasing Glory, Cesaro details what it felt like to be hired by the WWE to work for their then developmental promotion, Deep South Wrestling, only to be let go immediately before he even started. Here’s what he had to say:

So, literally, I got signed. I finished all of my indie bookings. At that point, me and Chris Hero were the Kings of Wrestling. We had – which was unheard of at the time – we had three different championships from three different promotions. So we finished our business there, and when that was done, I got a call that [WWE] couldn’t hire me. To which I responded, ‘But, like, I am hired. I’m already getting paid.’ I was told I was going to get my release papers within that next week.

Credit: Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia. H/T WrestlingInc..

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