Carmella Is the Only Option to Win 2nd Women’s WWE MITB Ladder Match


Controversy cost Carmella the Money in the Bank briefcase James Ellsworth secured for her on Sunday.

Tuesday night, she will have the opportunity to regain the guaranteed championship opportunity that lies inside that briefcase, but to do so, she will have to endure the punishment of the agonizing ladder match one more time without her manager at ringside to assist her.

The televised rematch not only presents a rare opportunity for the company to make history for a second time with the same collection of Superstars, but it also provides Carmella the chance to legitimize herself without the dark cloud of Ellsworth’s interference hanging over the contest.

Preserving Her Heel Heat

There was no heel on the SmackDown Live roster hotter on Tuesday’s episode than Carmella.

Winning the Money in the Bank briefcase without Ellsworth at ringside, giving Carmella everything to brag about in the wake of the match, would only strengthen her position as the lead heel in the women’s division and further make a greater, more legitimate star out of her.

A heel who touts their greatness then backs it up by winning clean is the most effective.

The Land of Opportunity

SmackDown Live has been touted The Land of Opportunity by everyone involved, including commissioner Shane McMahon. Tamina, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Charlotte have all had their opportunities to be involved in championship feuds and battle for the top prize in women’s wrestling.

 That is an honor that has not been bestowed upon Carmella.

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