Cardona’s surprise partner costs him big advantage in NWA world title fight vs. Tyrus


NWA Powerrr

The selling point coming into Tuesday night’s episode of Powerrr was major ramifications for the Nuff Said PPV main event. Tyrus and Matt Cardona competed in six-man action with the winner earning the right to name the stipulation in their fight for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Three of the six participants for the contest were surprises for the viewer. Both Tyrus and Cardona were allowed to pick their own partners. Cardona already declared that he was teaming with best friend Mike Knox. The third man for his squad was teased as dangerous, big, nasty, and a proven winner. The surprise reveal was… Rolando Freeman.

NWA Powerrr

Knox was not pleased with the choice, but Cardona told his pal to trust him. Commentary theorized that Cardona’s selection was based on Rolando being his kryptonite in the ring. Rather than face the risk of losing to Rolando yet again as part of Tyrus’ team, they believed that Cardona chose Rolando to keep him at bay.

Tyrus went with the tag team duo of Blunt Force Trauma (Rodney Mack and Marshe Rockett under masks) managed by Aron Stevens.

With such important stakes at play, the referee carefully patted down each competitor. Frisking Rolando revealed a gold chain in his trunks, another gold chain in his knee pad, and a spike in his boot. The match was finally ready to begin.

Cardona and Carnage (Rockett) started in the ring. Before any contact, Cardona called out Tyrus to tag in. Once the champ obliged, Cardona ran over to tag in Knox as a heavyweight powerhouse. Tyrus didn’t back down. On a lockup, he shoved Knox into the corner. Rolando tagged himself in then broke out his sexy dance routine.

NWA Powerrr

As Cardona and Knox turned their backs in disgust to discuss strategy, Tyrus flattened Rolando with a chokeslam to win. Match over.

Tyrus announced his terms. The world title fight stipulation at Nuff Said will be no seconds allowed at ringside. BLK Jeez and Mike Knox are banned to prevent outside interference. Tyrus wants to do battle one-on-one until there is a winner to determine the undisputed champion.

Watch the scene for yourself. The main event starts at 47:05 of Powerrr.

Did that main event angle of Powerrr hype you up for the Nuff Said PPV?

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