Cardiff City owner threatens Nantes


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This is a case that seems to be closer to its beginning than its end. In an interview with the newspaper The Team, Vincent Tan, owner of Cardiff City, has signaled his desire to have FC Nantes convicted in the Emiliano Sala case, who disappeared in a flight on January 21, 2019 while he was leaving for Wales to finalize his transfer. For the Malaysian businessman, the Canaries must be punished for having negotiated with Willie McKay in the operation, an unlicensed agent and organizer of the disastrous theft at the time.

“I am very angry. We have no choice, we will not stop. This is just the beginning, not the endsaid the owner of the Welsh club, referring to the legal dispute that has linked the two clubs for more than four years now. Emiliano Sala could have scored the few goals that would have saved us from demotion to the Championship (during the 2018/2019 season, editor’s note). This resulted in a loss of 100 million pounds (113 M€), at least, for the club. With Sala, we could have been maintained. He didn’t play a single game for us. Why should we pay for his entire transfer? FC Nantes must be punished. He negotiated with an unlicensed agent. »

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