BUTCH with a contender for ‘Surprise Backstage Attack of the Year’


If you aren’t watching the “SmackDown LowDown,” don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. WWE knows as much and makes it easy to keep up with the relevant bits by putting out a video showcasing a few interviews from the show. There usually isn’t much to write home about in said interviews but every now and again we get something good.

And we got something good this week:

Pretty Deadly, who scored a win over The Brawling Brutes on Friday Night SmackDown this week in their main roster debut match, were being interviewed and only just got finished with their catchphrase when BUTCH shows up and starts throwing blows. After he puts the boots to both Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, who haul ass to get away, he shouts after them “Yes boys, it’s fight night!” Then he looks right at the camera and says “back to the studio” before shrugging and walking off.

I love this guy.

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