Bully Ray Says Dolph Ziggler Should Leave WWE To Revive His Pro Wrestling Career


During a recent episode of the E&C Pod of Awesomeness, Dolph Ziggler admitted that he hates that he is in a tough spot in WWE right now.

Bubba Ray feels that the best option right now to help Ziggler’s career would be to compete for House of Hardcore, and Ring of Honor as a second choice. “Dolph Ziggler in a place like House of Hardcore would be amazing,” said Bubba Ray. “I would love to see Dolph in a House of Hardcore, my second choice would be a Ring of Honor, but I definitely think once he gets out there, and allowed to be the version of Dolph Ziggler that he knows he can be, and the version that we’ve seen glimpses up in the past, [he’ll do well].”

The biggest issue with Ziggler, Bubba Ray feels, is that Dolph has been around for too long in the WWE. He feels that the good news is that Ziggler would get paid a lot of money for a long time working in WWE, but the bad news is that “he’ll never main event WrestleMania.” Bubba Ray feels that Ziggler should leave WWE and revive is name in other promotions. Bubba Ray added, “He’s still going out there and trying to steal the show every night, so he’s still passionate about it. He’s just so unhappy. He’s stuck in a perpetual state of mediocrity. He’s in what I like to call wrestling quicksand: every single time you try to get out, you get sucked back down lower. And after a while, man does that get frustrating.”

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