Bullet Club Gold gives Colten Gunn a new nickname


Bullet Club Gold are firing on all cylinders after a successful Saturday night on Collision. Jay White earned a win over former ROH world champion Dalton Castle. Juice Robinson and the Gunns savored a trios triumph over the Iron Savages. The night wasn’t over for the Bang Bang Gang once the show closed.

The party was just getting started backstage in their own personal lounge. AEW posted a video of Bullet Club Gold recapping the events of the week, and it includes granting a new nickname to Colten Gunn.

The Gunns shot the small talk before popping a serious question. Austin Gunn felt like they needed nicknames. White was Switchblade, and Juice was Rock Hard. The Gunns understood that it has to come organically.

White and Juice mulled it over brainstorming. Tony Schiavone chimed in with Stupid Ass Hair Boy and Real Dumbass Ass Boy. Those suggestions didn’t fly over too well. Back to business.

White grooved his train of thought for Fully Cocked Colten Gunn. All the way cocked. The group celebrated with double entendre motions then dispersed. Poor Austin was left hanging without a nickname.

Are you on board with Fully Cocked? What name would you suggest for Austin? How well do you rate Schiavone’s ideas?

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