Bulldozer Erling Haaland’s legendary performance rocks Europe, Carlo Ancelotti’s threat to Real Madrid


England shocked by Haaland

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In England, a man made history! How not to be captivated by the exceptional performance of a player, author of a quintuplet, against RB Leipzig, the cyborg Erling Haaland or rather “Erling Hauland», as it is pronounced in Norwegian and as the placard The Sun This morning. The British tabloid looks back on the masterful performance of the Norwegian last night. Manchester City made short work of Leipzig with a landslide victory (7-0). But the goal machine is now the equal of Lionel Messi and Luiz Adriano with this absolutely incredible performance. The tabloid looks back on the cyborg’s crazy numbers and reports that he scored 5 goals in just 58 minutes. He scored 39 goals in 35 appearances for Manchester City, breaking a 94-year-old record and Tommy Johnson’s 38 goals in 1928! All of England is in shock at this incredible performance so it’s all up to him this morning. The Guardian estimate that “Haaland reaches new heights in City win“. THE DailyMirror has fun and puts up the famous “give me five», «give me fivein relation to the goalscorer’s performance. THE Daily Star is no less complimentary and believes that the attacker is now at the “pantheon” football with this historic quintuplet! The Daily Telegraph reports that Haaland offered us a “five star show! THE Daily Express also done in pun with this “high five! Finally, the newspaper that talks about it best and that perfectly sums up the performance of the 22-year-old player is the Manchester Evening News with this “bulldozer“, and yes, we are starting to run out of qualifiers to evoke this extraordinary player!

Europe has a new king

And you can imagine, it’s not just England that is shocked by Erling Haaland, the newspaper The Team offers us a superb One with the Norwegian compared to ET the extraterrestrial! “By scoring five goals, the Norwegian striker entered a little more into the history of the Champions League. Before him, only Lionel Messi and Luiz Adriano had achieved a quintuple in this event in the 21st century.“. This gives you a little measure of the feat! In its inner pages, The Parisian speaks of “a magical Haaland that sends City into the quarters“. Progress estimate that “haaland lightningstruck last night at the Etihad Stadium. brand will even seek controversy by posting that after the fifth goal, Guardiola released it, perhaps to preserve the record of Lionel Messi, his former player, against Bayer Leverkusen in 2011. Everyone will have their own opinion! While on his side AS simply relay “Haaland’s manita“. In Italy, the Corriere dello sport also mentions Norwegian crack, which he describes as “monstrous“. Finally in Germany, Picture estimates on its front page that “Haaland is on a goalscoring spree“.

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Ancelotti wants to finish off Liverpool

In Spain, the return match between Real Madrid and Liverpool makes the headlines AS this morning which title: “Red alert”in reference to the colors of the Mersey club! Ancelotti demands maximum attention from his players despite the clear victory of the first leg (5-2). “We are not going to make calculations, we are going to go all out,” said the Italian technician. Salah against his own curse: he has never beaten Madrid. While Vinicius is facing his favorite victim”. Carlo Ancelotti does not want his players to relax and encourage them to drive the point home. brand also urges the Merengues and placards that: “the great nights continue“. In England, The Guardian takes up the statements of Jürgen Klopp who considered that his players were “complete underdogs“, after the heavy defeat of the first leg but “he hopes for a miracle in Madrid as Liverpool prepare their comeback“. In Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport* focuses on Napoli who must finish the job in Frankfurt to make a three out of three Italian, after the qualification of the two Milan!

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Bulldozer Erling Haaland’s legendary performance rocks Europe, Carlo Ancelotti’s threat to Real Madrid 24hfootnews.

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