Buddy Murphy Discusses His Relationship With Alexa Bliss, How They Help Each Other


Cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy was a recent guest on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glorypodcast to talk about his ongoing relationship with Alexa Bliss. Murphy reminisces about his time in NXT along with Bliss and former tag team partner Wesley Blake, and how the group going their separate ways was beneficial to their careers in the long run.

Blake’s doing his thing, but it’s funny how it all happens. It’s not a line where you take your number and you wait until your number is called, you kinda have to figure out your way through the maze, in a way. And I’ve told him this. I’ve told several people this, it’s kinda like my little formula to it. But going back to the tag team, we had something really good with the three of us, and then she left, and then me and Blake lost the titles, and then from there, we just became those guys that make everyone else look really good.

Lex, in a way – I’m not gonna say we were holding her down, but look what she’s doing now. Like, we helped her get there but I’m glad she didn’t stay with us, because then we would of held her down. Her talent would have gone it through anyway. Everything happens for a reason. She’s killing it, I’ve got so much of her merch.

Murphy would then go on to talk about how he and Bliss never see each other due to opposing travel schedules, but how they continue to remain close, and even help each other grow as performers, with Murphy giving Bliss in-ring advice, and Bliss providing tips on Murphy’s promos.

Yeah, complete opposite schedules. But it’s one of those things where you just kind of, to me, that’s how the cards are being dealt for now. I look at it, well, it’s only for now. So I can look at it like that, but, ya know, I support her 110%, I watch her stuff. I send her my promos. She’s the one that helped me how to speak, she’s taught me heaps. Like, I try to help her in the ring and she helps me with the character stuff.

Check out the full podcast below.

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