Bubba Ray Praises Lacey Evans, Believes The WWE Has Big Plans For Her


Bubba Ray had high praise for Lacey Evans on “Busted Open Radio” today when discussing Monday Night Raw. He thought she did well with her promo and is impressed with her background as a marine. He believes that it is clear that she is in line for a major push. Here’s what Bubba had to say:

I think she did a great job with her verbiage, I think she sent in some good digs, I thought she had a strong match with Natalya – and let me tell ya something, that moonsault finish she hit looked impressive. That springboard moonsault is not easy to do. Especially when you gotta go out there and do it on RAW for the first time in that match in front of 20,000 people. I thought they both did a good job.

Lacey’s stature and athleticism reminds me of Charlotte, and you know how I feel about Charlotte as far as her being an athlete, a worker, a wrestler and all around great performer. And I see that possibility in Lacey also. One of the other things that I like about Lacey is that they’re giving us the best of both worlds with her. She’s just not a strong women’s wrestler. Lacey is being a little bit seductive, she’s being a little bit sexy, and then when she takes off her heels and her dress and she gets in the ring, she’s a badass. And I like the mixture of both.

Now let’s not forget, this girl is a marine, she spent five years with the military police in the marines. So she has structure, she’s disciplined, she’s going to listen, and that’s why she’s getting pushed, because she was coachable from day one. I think they have plans for Lacey Evans. I really do. And after last night’s match and seeing her hit that moonsault, and the way she cuts her promo, the way she presents herself, after the match taking out the tissue, patting down the sweat, throwing it at her opponent – she reeks of heel.

And she’s going to get better in the ring. Remember, she hasn’t had a lot of reps under her belt in the last two or three months. All she has been doing is walking out to the ring. Once she gets in there with girls that are on her level and even better, her work is going to get better. She’s got the look for it.

I think they have big plans for her, and I think she’s in contention right now to take one of those championships off of Becky. And last night they took a full step forward with her. Last night was a good night for Lacey Evans.

You can listen to the interview below:

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