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Bryan Danielson Says He Has Way More Money Than Genghis Khan: “Screw Him, He Never Had Sprite”


AEW superstar Bryan Danielson recently joined Ron Funches on One Fall, where the American Dragon discussed a number of different topics, including some odd comments about the historical Genghis Khan, and how he believes himself to be much superior to the former Emperor. Highlights from Danielson’s interview can be found below.

Says he has way more money than Genghis Khan:

One of the things that I like to remind my friends, all the time, is that — Sprite is a perfect example — Genghis Khan took over most of his known world at the time. He never had Sprite. I’m way richer than Genghis Khan ever was. If he wanted to eat something delicious, it took a long time, and I’m sure he had someone else cook it for it him.

Says Khan never had Sprite, which is why he is better than him:

I don’t eat McDonald’s, but I’m sure I can go into McDonald’s and get something better than he ever ate in his entire life, and that man ruled the world. Genghis Khan, screw him, he never had Sprite.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)


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