Bruce Prichard Says It Was Easier To Tell A Story With Quarterly Pay Per Views: “It Was A Simpler Time”


WWE Executive Diretor Bruce Prichard spoke about telling stories in wrestling and how he preferred quarterly pay per views on the latest episode of his Something To Wrestle podcast. Here is what he had to say.

It was all syndicated TV, so you saw it in your local market at different times throughout the week, usually on a Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning,” Prichard began. “That would promote your local events and you did live events and then, once every three months, you had this big event that was hyped, so it was a much simpler time. It was a time that you could take your time in telling a story and allow things to develop and allow people to get behind something, really get invested in it versus, ‘hey, this is going to happen. Bam, that’s why it happened. Bam, there it is. Hope you liked it. Bam, here’s what’s next!’ It was a simpler time, and I think that stories were allowed to play out longer and that they were probably a little easier to understand and everyone got it because it wasn’t so fast.

Full episode can be found below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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