Why Is Brock Lesnar Rarely Appears In the Ring?, Update On Neville


– As noted, Neville walking out of WWE and quitting before Monday’s RAW episode in Indianapolis. There has been a rumor that Neville had quit WWE as he did not appear and was originally slated to wrestle Enzo Amore on Raw.

Numerous WWE sources have denied that Neville has departed the company. According to source, the story that he has requested a release is still circulating.

– Like a lot of people, very bored by Brock Lesnar’s in ring work.  99% of his offense is German suplexes. The match at No Mercy with Stroman sucked.  Why is he so limited?  Is it him or is he told to wrestle that way?  I don’t recall him being that limited in his initial WWE run.  Simply using more types of Suplexes would suffice.  Thoughts?

“He isn’t limited’ I heard that, he is working the kinds of matches that Creative wants him to work. They love him being superhuman, I am thinking so that when Roman Reigns beats him, RR will get the rub. I think it’s a foolish strategy.”

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