Bret Hart Says WWE Didn’t Expect The Hart Foundation To Last, Talks Surpassing His Brothers In Wrestling Skill


WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart spoke about the formation of the Hart Foundation and how he surpassed his brothers as a ring-technician on the latest episode of his Confessions of The Hitman podcast. Highlights can be found below.

Surpassing his brothers as a wrestling technician:

I was technically and physically able to do really great wrestling right from the very beginning. I think I was better than both of my brothers. Ultimately, for sure, later on, I got more of a stock of moves I could sort of go to that surpassed my brothers. I was really good at putting together the matches, the twists and turns at the end of the match, and putting drama into my wrestling matches. And that happened in Stampede Wrestling and I took that to [WWE]. In 1984, I started there.

How WWE didn’t expect the Hart Foundation team to last:

Six months later, I was wrestling really [well], and I couldn’t get very many wrestlers to give me a match. They never heard of me. I was from Canada. I was a promoter’s kid, which is generally a mark against you. So I had to fight harder and work harder.” Hart continued, “I was going nowhere and I think somebody said, ‘Do you know what? Tag him up with Neidhart. Call them The Hart Foundation. They want to be called The Hart Foundation. We’ll put them with The [British] Bulldogs, and at least [Bret] won’t be a problem for a little while. That solves that problem for a while. I don’t think they expected The Hart Foundation to be a formidable team that would last for a long time. We were probably a short term idea, but we just clicked so well. We were such a good team. We really were. We worked really well together and we highlighted each other, we complemented each other.

Full episode can be heard here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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