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Breaking: CM Punk’s First UFC Fight Officially Announced For UFC 203


On the latest episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast CM Punk officially announced that he will be facing Mickey Gall on September 10th at UFC 203.

Below are Punk’s comments about the fight transcribed:

I’ve been laying low media-wise, because I have nothing to say. You can’t talk a bunch of s–t until you’ve been in there, and I haven’t been. The instant I got cleared, I got on the horn and nailed everything down, and I’ll be debuting September 10 in Cleveland. I’m happy to have a date, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You keep training and keep training until you hit a wall, and that was the point I was at. I found out I’ve been walking around with a herniated disk for probably years.

UFC commented on Punk’s official announcement by posting the following tweet also confirming the fight is official:

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