Braun Strowman Rises!!


WWE made its worst decision of 2017 so far. They let the unpinned, unsubmitted Braun Strowman lose, clean. Not only did they diminish the winning streak of the monster but they also fed him to the one person who doesn’t need such momentum, Roman Reigns.

At Fastlane, the monster we once knew & revered was diminished in front of our eyes with a meaningless 1,2,3 count. I don’t know about you but I see the monster among men as a worthwhile asset to have in the coming years.

I’d much like to see him featured prominently in the main event scene. The rebuilding process of Braun Strowman needs to start and it needs to start now. The WWE refused to start the process on Monday Night Raw, perhaps if they read my suggestions this week, they’ll start next Monday.

Time to go back to basics for the big man. At Fastlane, the WWE creative team undid all the hard work they had invested into the former Wyatt Family member. Nobody takes monsters seriously after getting pinned clean, literally nobody.

Look at all the great big men figures in history, all were dubbed as destructive forces up until their first loss. After that crucial first loss, they were either repackaged or just looked at as a glorified jobber. We need to stop that trend right here with Braun Strowman.

From now up until Wrestlemania, Strowman needs to be as destructive as he can. He needs to interrupt and lay waste to all meaningless matches on Monday nights, that means talent like Titus O’Neil, the Shining Stars and Bo Dallas should all get run over on a weekly basis. Only then will we be able to see the 7-footer as a worthy force again.

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