Braun Strowman Reportedly Said ‘F*** Your Son’ To Karen Jarrett


– Karen Jarrett did her best to downplay an incident with WWE’s Braun Strowman at a bar in Nashville, TN several weeks ago during a media conference.

Reportedly Braun said that when Karen Jarrett approached Strowman and he asked for an autograph for her son, Strowman shot back with, “F— your son,” which started the encounter. Strowman apparently didn’t recognize Jarrett and immediately apologized and begged for her to not to tell Kurt Angle.

Both were drinking, according to the source, but Karen’s point was that Strowman shouldn’t have said that to a woman no matter who is the father of her children. Karen, when asked directly about the incident, offered no specifics and stated it was just two people playing their respective characters.

Jarrett Said: “Oh my goodness, I can clear the air, It was a silly incident where you have two people in the wrestling business playing their characters, being silly and it got blown way out of proportion.”

“And the fact that the two of us are still in the news and it’s still being talked about, that’s a question that you took the time to ask I think is hysterical, to be honest with you,” Jarrett continued. “It’s silliness. It’s the wrestling business, we had fun with it and somebody took it and turned it into something more than it was.”

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