Braun Strowman Comments on Being In The New “Holmes & Watson” Movie


Braun Strowman commented on Instagram today on the news of him being in the new “Holmes & Watson” movie in theaters on December 21st. Strowman wrote:

Well the cats out the bag and I can talk about it now!!!! I will be making my big screen debut December 21st in the new #HolmesAndWatson #movie along side #WillFerrell #JohncReilly #SteveCoogan it’s surreal to even be typing this right now because I have been such huge fans of these guys and there work for so long. It was such an unbelievable experience working with such talented people. I can’t wait to see the debut of it. I hope it’s as awesome as I felt doing it!!!! The future is bright for #TheMonsterAmongMen #TheOnlyMonsterInHollywood #blessed #lookouthereicome #MonsterAmongActors #hollywood #cinema

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