Braun Strowman calls himself “The Last Of The Dying Breed”


From the above interview with Busted Open Radio:

“I’m gonna be a WWE Hall of Famer and I’ll shout that from the roof top. I’m going to do everything in my power to be because that’s something that I really, really want and would feel so honored to be able to do is to leave a legacy of Braun Strowman that people will talk about like Mark Henry, like Big Show, like Kane, The Undertaker. I am in a position now where I’m basically the last of a dying breed. There are no more giants like us and I want to keep that repertoire of what the guys before me have done. I want to keep paving and pushing the envelope and evolving the sport more and showing the world in this fast paced wrestling that it is now with cruiserweight guys and guys like AJ Styles and Shinsuke and Finn Balor that can go out there and do all this crazy, crazy stuff, I’m trying to bridge the gap in between the big man and that and bring a completely new style that makes people go ‘wow.’ The stuff that I do like the one match I had with the Big Show where I did a nip up and it’s something people still talk about to this day, and I hope they will for forever because let’s be honest, how many times have you ever seen a 370-pound man do that?”

You can debate the merits of the WWE Hall of Fame and its legitimacy in gauging the impact of any given star on the company during that star’s career but Strowman is dead on the money when he calls himself the “last of a dying breed.” Kane and Big Show are on the way out and even if they weren’t, they cannot do what Braun has shown he can do in his brief time in pro wrestling.

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