Braun Strowman as babyface is awesome, a little awkward though


Even before Roman Reigns tried to murder him, and well before Kane tried to murder him, we were past the point of fans booing Braun Strowman. So it made sense WWE began the process of transitioning him from a fan favorite to a babyface, or at least a neutral character than leaned toward the side of the angels.

While he’s definitely no longer a heel, The Monster Among Men is still a character who will use climbing/combat tools to destroy the Raw set in order to trap opponents in the wreckage, and generally throw a big, property-damaging tantrum when he’s punished for the act. Which probably makes conversations between a few parents and the kids he’s inspiring a little thorny..


Everyone has to learn the difference between characters and actors someday. It used to happen around movies and TV instead of pro wrestling, but… welcome to the ‘Reality’ Era.

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