Brands star Emma Raducanu earns $500,000 without playing at Wimbledon 2023!


Emma Raducanu was not in the Wimbledon women’s singles draw, due to the three surgeries she underwent, but the beautiful and strong British tennis player earned an out-of-this-world figure at Wimbledon 2023.

Emma received astronomical compensation for all three weeks of the tournament, both for the main draw fortnight and for the week of the qualifiers.

This very very significant sum comes from the sponsors. Emma will collect over $500,000 from sponsors. Without even playing: crazy!

John McEnroe on Emma Raducanu’s words

Emma was one of the biggest surprises in recent years, with the victory as a qualifier of the US Open 2021. A victory that shocked the tennis world and which made a lot of noise especially in Great Britain, where the girl has become very famous.

The price of success was very expensive, since we never saw Emma compete at those levels again, several heavy defeats combined with an incredible series of injuries and Raducanu is still stopped today due to three surgeries.

A real curse and a few weeks ago, shocking those present, Emma declared that she wishes she had never won the US Open. During a recent interview, the former legend John McEnroe commented on these statements and the moment of the the Briton.

John spoke to the microphones of The Sun and revealed his thoughts on the matter: “I’m sure that at the end of her career, if you ask her, she would undoubtedly prefer to have a Grand Slam title rather than none. One of the reasons why the boys do College is because that gives them time to grow and mature and handle more complicated things, just like a situation like that. It was hard for her, you’re 18 and suddenly your world changes from one moment to the next.”

Since the day of her Grand Slam victory Emma has been showered with sponsors and had big deals in her own country but she has found ever-increasing expectations that she has never been able to match.

Currently Emma Raducanu is out of the Top 100, she is still due to physical problems, she has had an operation and has the aim of resetting her body and mind in order to return to the court with a new energy. The fans can’t wait to see her back on the court, in the hope that her smile will come back, as well as her results.

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