Brandi Rhodes On AEW’s Success, Talks Building A Phenomenal Roster and Staff


AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently spoke on Insight With Chris Van Vilet about a wide range of topics, including AEw’s success and what she is most of proud of accomplishing for the promotion. Highlights are below.

Names what she is most proud of in AEW:

“I would have to say that it is a testament to everything that we have created. We have this phenomenal staff and phenomenal roster, all the way up to CM Punk. It is a testament to what we have built. It’s very exciting and it’s really amazing to see that. This is what we thought was possible, but now we are seeing ourselves come full circle. We are seeing people who we thought would thrive in this space actually thriving in this space. It’s just really rewarding. Even on the roughest or toughest of days, if things are not going great, I can look back and say I am a part of this.”

On AEW’s success:

“I think that it was always just the perfect storm. You need the perfect storm of talent and behind the scenes folks that had the work ethic to make this all happen. It all came together at the same time. Tony [Khan’s] interest happening at the same time as everyone becoming free agents, all of that had to happen for it to work as well as it did today. People will always say ‘You wouldn’t have had AEW without this person.’ In reality, you wouldn’t have had AEW without all of the people and all of the wheels. That could be the people you see out front all the time, or just the people you don’t see, because they are not a character. Without all of that happening, I don’t think we would be where we are today.”

On the meaning behind her daughter’s name, Liberty:

“I’m so glad that people are starting to ask about this! I feel like people think the reason is because of everything to do with Cody being a patriotic dude. That’s really cool, I love it, but I wouldn’t name my daughter Liberty for that reason. It’s because of Disney, we are both huge Disney fans. Before we found out that we were pregnant, we were at Disney and just walking around whimsically. We were just talking about kids and what would their names be. I said we definitely need to have a Disney connection, but it can’t be on the nose like Elsa. I can do better than that. So we were just walking around and talking, throwing things out there. Then we walked into Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. I saw the sign and said ‘What about Liberty?’ Cody said ‘I love that!’ Cut to a year later and we are pregnant, and we knew that Liberty was going to be the name.”

Full interview can be found below.

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