Impact Bound For Glory 2017 Results


-Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 11/5/2017 – November 5, 2017-

Bound for Glory (2017) is a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by Impact Wrestling. It will take place on November 5, 2017 at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario. Bound For Glory will start at 8 PM/ET.

Trevor Lee (c) vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Garza Jr. (6-Way X Division Championship Match)

Williams goes to work on Lee, Sydal gets in and kicks Lee out of the ring. Williams jumps back in and works to fend off Sydal, he instead hits a hurricanrana on Lee who was on the floor. Xavier gets in and hits a nice handspring corkscrew splash on a crowd. Lee gets tossed in the ring, Xavier hits a corkscrew senton, pin, Dutt breaks it up. Dutt sits Xavier on the top rope, Sydal flips Xavier off and he hits Dutt. Garza jumps in, ties up Sydal, Williams kicks Garza away and locks in the Sharpshooter on Sydal. Xavier gets rid of Sydal, but Williams is able to hit a Canadian Destroyer on Xavier. Lee instantly shoves Williams to the floor, gets the sneaky pin for the 1-2-3. Williams is not happy.

Winner: Trevor Lee wins via Pinfall to retain the X Division Championship

– Earlier today, we see the arrival of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis.

Tyson Dux vs. Taiji Ishimori

We move to an unscheduled match that commentary put off as having huge implications in the X Division. Dux with a side suplex, goes for the early pin. Out in the crowd we see Laurel Van Nesswho walks through the crowd in her usual drunken state. The crowd is basically paying attention to Laurel now as Dux and Ishimori continue to wrestle. Ishimori with a double stomp and pin attempt. Cameras continue to cut back to Laurel as she random cheers and generally has no idea what’s going on. Ishimori up top and hits a nice 450 splash to pick up the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall

– Alberto El Patron heads to the ring and says he’s back in Impact Wrestling. He says something is wrong though, and he wants to give a history lesson. Ever since he started with the company, people in the back said he’s amazing and after giving his heart and soul to the company and to the fans, the cowards in the back ended up screwing him. He says instead of sticking to the facts with his incident, they listened to reports on the internet and took his title away from him.

Grado vs. Abyss (Monsters Ball Match)

Abyss gets on the mic and says the crowd can’t help Grado, he smells fear and rips on Grado’s fanny pack. Abyss requests Grado to do some dancing, the crowd pumps him up and he gets it going. Abyss doesn’t like it and Grado kicks him between the legs. Grado instantly tosses a number of weapons into the ring. Abyss puts a staple in Grado’s head, tosses in a few barbed wire boards. Abyss then lays a board from the apron to the barricade. Grado charges at Abyss and gets chucked into the barricade. Abyss grabs a mystery bag from under the ring, and lays out a ton of thumbtacks on the mat.

Grado with a cheese grater between Abyss’ legs and throws it at his head. Garbage can to Abyss over and over. Grado climbs to the top rope, but Abyss throws a garbage can at him and he flies down and through that barbed wire board that Abyss put out.

Grado with a cheese grater between Abyss’ legs and throws it at his head. Garbage can to Abyss over and over. Grado climbs to the top rope, but Abyss throws a garbage can at him and he flies down and through that barbed wire board that Abyss put out. Abyss brings out the spike board, kendo stick against Abyss’ head. Laurel Van Ness is back again, sitting on some guy’s lap. Grado avoids getting chokeslammed onto barbed wire. Grado kicks Abyss down on it instead. He then lays another board on top of Abyss and heads to the top rope. Grado with a terrible looking splash, getting more of Abyss’ legs. Grado goes for a pin, two. Laurel is now at ringside and ends up lowblowing Grado, planting him face first on the mat. She then wails away on him before the lights suddenly go out. Lights come up and Rosemary is in the ring. She mists Laurel right in the face and then sees Abyss. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but she tries to reason with Abyss, it works. She goes to mist Grado, but he ducks and she hits Abyss. Blinded, Abyss chokeslams her on some thumbtacks. Grado with the roll-up, only two, but they mistakenly ring the bell. Abyss with an awful looking Black Hole Slam onto some barbed wire. Pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Abyss via Pinfall

– Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell is with Team Impact, Eddie Edwards says they are going to leave with the W. Storm was crazy loud and the mic was breaking up throughout his whole promo. EC3 said he’ll see them out there and walked off.

Team Impact (Eddie Edwards, EC3, and James Storm) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano, and Texano)

EC3 cares about the match and goes to work on Texano and Fantasma, multiple strikes, corner splashes, and drops Texano on his own partner. EC3 gets kicked out of the ring, Fantasma looks to fly, Edwards knocks him to the floor, Edwards hits a suicide dive, but he clears out EC3 in the process. Texano flips over the top on three guys, some friendly fire on his part. Storm looks to fly, Pagano stops that, then he gets awkwardly monkey flipped over the top and down to the group. Storm figures why the hell not and climbs up to the top rope, he front flips on everybody. Action back in the ring, huge tower of power with five people, Storm with a elbow drop off the top. Now everyone is down.

Edwards and Fantasma go at it on the apron, Edwards gets a package piledriver and is out on the floor. Pagano and Texano look to finish off EC3, double lowblow and one-percenters by EC3. EC3 tells Storm to take Pagano’s head off, superkick, pin, and that will do it.

Winners: Team Impact (EC3, James Storm, Eddie Edwards) via Pinfall

oVe (c) vs. LAX (Impact Tag Team Championship 5150 Street Fight)

Dave put on a table, Santana starts to climb up a scaffolding and dropped down through the table. Probably a 15-20 foot drop! Crowd chanted “we can’t see s—-” to “holy s—” in seconds. Back near the ring, Jake is put on a ladder that’s going across the apron and the barricade. He wakes up and launches a chair at Ortiz. Jake sets up four chairs, climbs up to the table rope and hits a superplex, but he puts himself through the chairs! Ortiz and Santana together in the ring now as they pile a ton of chairs on each other. Blockbuster/powerbomb combo on the chairs, Dave is able to break up the pin.

Kicks by both teams, everyone is down on the mat momentarily. Jake and Ortiz on the apron with a table below them. Konnan gets powder in the eyes and Sami Callihan shows up and flips Santana on a ladder. He then piledrives Ortiz through a table and tosses him back in the ring.

Winners: oVe via Pinfall to retain the Impact Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, oVe kicks away at LAX. Sami gets on the mic and says “We are Ohio versus everything! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!”

Sienna (c) vs. Allie vs. Gail Kim (Knockouts Championship)

Sienna attempts to keep both opponents down with double submission. Action makes it way out to the floor, Allie with a running bulldog as she dismount off the ring post. Gail Kim and Allie team up to put down the champ. Kim and Allie get in the ring and both start hammering away at each other. Sienna gets up on the top rope, but gets dropped, Allie with a kick and Kim with a hurricanrana sending Sienna to the mat. All three women are now down as the referee starts a ten count and gets all the way to nine.

Kim throws Allie into the corner, Allie catches her and throws Kim into the second turnbuckle head first. Allie with multiple elbow drops, Sienna comes in on the third attempt and gets sent out of the ring. Sienna in control now, she attempts to pin both women, only two. Sienna goes for the AK-47, Kim with a counter roll-up, only two. Kim tries for her finisher. Allie hits a codebreaker, Kim hits her finisher on Allie, pin, Sienna breaks it up. Sienna goes for AK-47 on Allie, ends up dropping her to the floor. Kim hits her finisher and wins the Knockouts Championship.

Winner: Gail Kim via Pinfall to win the Knockouts Championship

King Mo and Lashley vs. Moose and Stephan Bonnar (Six Sides of Steel)

Suddenly, American Top Team rushes into the cage and beat up Bonnar. Moose tries to fight the off and does so successfully. Big splash on Lashley, Moose leaps to the top rope, jumps off, takes out Lashley and an ATT member. Moose with a big kick that sends King Mo all the way to the floor. Moose goes out and throws Mo into the barricade. Mo gets helped by Lambert, gets back in the ring, Lambert locks the cage door with Moose stuck on the outside. Bonnar is now trying to fight off all of ATT. Moose decides to climb the cage and leaps off it, taking out two people. Suddenly, Lambert is all by himself for a moment, Lashley recovers, hits a spear out of nowhere and pins Moose for the victory.

Winners: Lashley and King Mo via Pinfall

– Backstage, McKenzie talks with Johnny Impact and what’s going through his mind as he goes into the main event. Johnny says despite the message that they tried to send on Impact, all of that was a mistake, because he’s still standing here. For the past 15 years he’s invested in himself and all of the sacrifices he’s made. His heroes were Macho Man and his Dad, and he can’t wait to see his Dad when comes back as champion. Johnny says all of that hard work will pay off when he wins the title.

Eli Drake (c) vs. Johnny Impact (Impact Global Championship)

Eli Drake tried to get a sneaky start, but Johnny was ready for it. Drake tries to dump Impact out of the ring, but he landed on his feet, pulling Drake down to the floor. Johnny looking good early on, keeping Drake guessing at every turn. Sliding suplex to the mat, shots to the face in the corner, as Johnny stays on his opponent. With the help of Adonis, Drake is able to get back some momentum in this one.

Still out on the floor, Drake throws Johnny into the barricade. He attempts to do it again, but Johnny literally slid underneath the barricade! That was amazingly well done. Johnny then did a slingshot back over, taking out Drake. Action remains on the floor, Johnny with a side suplex on the steel steps, then throws Drake back in the ring. Drake finally gets back into it and keeps Johnny on the floor, distracting the ref, Adonis gets in another cheap shot. Drake drops Johnny on the barricade, then again shin-first, and again, this time a slingshot into it. Challenger is thrown back into the ring, Drake heads up to the top, Johnny sits him down, Drake goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, Johnn hangs on and flips away. Drake with a nice springboard moonsault that hits cleanly.

Johnny looks to be out of it now, Drake pulls him up to the second rope. Johnny fights him off, kicks him down to the mat. Starship pain hits, Johnny with the pin, Alberto yanks the referee out though. Johnny sees Alberto, goes for a dive and ends up nailing the referee instead of Alberto. Now, Alberto grabs a chair and whacks Johnny in the face. Alberto gets in the ring, grabs the title and hammers Drake in the face with it. Johnny gets in the ring, and takes a hard chairshot to the head. Finally, Alberto drags Drake over to Johnny and he gets the win.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall to retain the Impact Global Championship

– Post-match, Alberto just kneels on the ramp, looks on, and smiles.

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