Booker T Says Sasha Banks Is “Extraordinary” At Drawing People In During A Match, Talks Highly Of Asuka and Banks At Survivor Series


On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast wrestling legend Booker T gave his thoughts on the Sasha Banks and Asuka match from last weekend’s Survivor Series pay per view. Hear what he had to say below.

Praises Sasha Banks as an elite performer:

“When you watch Sasha go out and perform, she is extraordinary as far as knowing how to make a feel certain way when you watch a match. She knows how to draw you in at the right times. She knows how to get that one thing to make jump to the edge of your seat and go like, ‘Oh man!’ One of those types of deals. She’s ranked very, very high in my book as far as women wrestlers of all time that has ever stepped inside the squared circle, and I said that same thing about Asuka, you know. You know, Asuka being someone from Japan that don’t speak English, but still being able to go out there, knowing how to go out there and speak the universal language of professional wrestling. And to go out there and lay the story as a really, really great actor and to make sure she hit all of her cues and hit all of her cues properly. Being someone that don’t speak English, if so, not very much at all, tells me that she’s special. She knows how to work.”

Thinks Banks and Asuka work really well together:

“Those two together, I said that was going to be a really, really good match because you got two great storytellers. You got two women who don’t mind going out there and getting into a fight. That part right there is what Sasha Banks built her whole thing off of in WWE. Let me tell ya, she ain’t coming to try and — and of course, she can take care of herself because she’s well kept, alright? But when she comes to play in the ring, it’s about getting down and dirty when you’re dealing with Sasha Banks. I’m serious, man! And that’s what makes her different from a lot of the good-looking girls on the roster. She’s a good-looking girl that don’t mind getting into a fight and then it actually look like a real fight between two girls in a club. That’s my thing with Sasha, and that’s what make her work I think so much more than so many other girls in the locker room.”

Check out the former five-time world champion’s full thoughts below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)


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