Booker T Gives His Thoughts On Keith Lee Winning The NXT Championship


On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, wrestling legend Booker T commented on Keith Lee’s recent NXT championship win from last Wednesday’s Great American Bash special on USA. Highlights are below.

On Lee winning the NXT championship:

I can only imagine how Keith Lee feels right now. Crashing that glass ceiling is something everyone of us hopes to do in this business. It’s being looked at as the elite, as literally the upper classmen in the business. This guy, Keith Lee, he’s one of the guys you look at him and say ‘man, this guy is good.’ Then you look at him and go ‘wow, this guy’s really good.’ He’s special in so many different ways.

On whether Lee will be moving to the main roster:

I’m sure he’s going to move on to the main roster. This guy is going to do big things. I’ve been waiting on Keith Lee. I’ve been waiting on a guy like this to come around for me as a black fan to say ‘man, the brother is doing it and he’s doing it big.’

Check out his full thoughts below. (H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)

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