Booker T addresses the rumors of Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE


Booker T was on Heated Conversation Sports Radio 610 yesterday with Brad Gilmore addressing the rumors of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE. Booker is asked if Hulk Hogan should be able to come back to the WWE after Hogan’s inflammatory comment. Booker talks about how a lot of the youth today use the N word as common place and how it’s become popular. Booker says “until we can stop saying the word ourselves, we shouldn’t have a problem with anyone else using that term”.

Booker says “the only thing Hogan can do is apologize, atone for it and move forward. Everyone deserves a second chance”.

Booker credits Hogan for the push that Harlem Heat received in WCW. Booker says that he wants Hogan to take his rightful place back in this business. Booker suggests that he and Hogan could go on the road and speak to youth concerning the damage that this topic can cause to your life/career.

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