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Bodhi Hayward Issues Emotional Response to WWE NXT Release, Confirms Non-Compete


The former Bodhi Hayward (Brady Booker) took to Twitter this evening with an emotional reaction to his WWE NXT release.

As noted, WWE released five NXT Superstars today, including former Chase University member Hayward, now going by his real name again Brady Booker.

In an update, Booker posted a video to Twitter this evening, and declared that he is here to stay.

“What up, Brodies? It’s ya boy, Bodhi Hayward. Brady Booker here, to tell you that I was just released from the WWE,” an emotional Hayward said. “I’m hurt, I’m embarrassed, and Brodies, I’m just down bad. For the last 18 months, Andre Chase University and wrestling has been my whole life… but I am no stranger to adversity. Adversity is something that has come up my whole life and I’ve always found a way to get on top. I will do it again. I’m Brady Booker, and I’m here to stay.”

Booker captioned the video and confirmed that he is under a 30-day non-compete clause, writing, “Thank you to all my brodies for the continuous love and support [heart emoji] The journey continues… #30days”

Below is the full tweet from Booker:

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