Bobby Lashley Spokes On Working With Donald Trump, Update On Lio Lush


– Bobby Lashley recently spoke with Jay Reddick of The Orlando Sentinel to promote next Thursday’s GFW Destination X special. Lashley Spoke On Working with Donald Trump. Here is the highlight:

Working with Donald Trump for WrestleMania 23:

Bobby Said: “I think a lot of people want me to say he was arrogant and pushed his weight around, but I can’t. The first time we met, he just came over, introduced himself, shook my hand and said ‘It looks like we’ll be working together.’ Then we just joked around and he introduced me to his family and his kids.”

“We only worked together a handful of times, but he was cool. He never tried to take over. He was all about ‘How can we make this great? How can I help make this better?’ He joked with me that when this was over, I’d be recognized by all the girls in Times Square – and he did what he said.”

– Former Ring Of Honor [ROH] star Lio Rush is expecting to start training in NXT very soon. it is to be believed that he has already signed his WWE contract. PWInsider reported that Rush asked for this one last match at MCW to say goodbye to the place that gave him his start in pro-wrestling.

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