Bobby Lashley Shares Story Of Special Moment With Vince McMahon After He Won The WWE Title


WWE champion Bobby Lashley recently spoke to Ryan Satin at FOX Sports about a number of different topics, including how Hall of Famer Booker T told the Almighty One he thinks he should be in the WrestleMania main event, and shares the special moment he had with Vince McMahon after winning the title. Highlights from the interview are below.

How Booker T told him he should be in the main event:

Booker came on and said it one time on one of the pre-shows, he was like, ‘Man, you should be main eventing. I don’t know what you’re doing right now, but I don’t know why they don’t have Bobby main eventing WrestleMania.’ Booker said that. To me, that meant the world, because I have so much respect for Booker. I have so much respect for a lot of the guys that I came up and first worked with, like JBL and Booker, some of those guys, so I’ve been hearing some really good word from some of those guys and those words really resonated in me and let me realize to stop just having fun.

How he changed up his attitude on route to becoming WWE champion:

You’re not here to have fun. Vince doesn’t want you here to have fun. Vince wants to get in an argument with you because you’re fighting for something that you want. Vince wants you to step out of the box and do something bigger. Vince wants you to want WrestleMania so much that the crowd forces them to give you that title. And I think I started to get into that point this last year, several months definitely. I’ve been mean, man. I’ve been mean. I go out there with a vengeance and there’s a whole lot of confidence running through me.

Says Vince McMahon told him he was proud of him after winning the title:

When I was able to go through that curtain [after winning the WWE Championship] and give Vince a hug, he grabbed me and he held me for a while and was like, ‘Man, I’m proud of you.’

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