Billy Gunn On Chyna’s Hall Of Fame Inclusion


On “Busted Open Radio”, Billy Gunn discussed DX being the first announced inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Class. During the interview, he talked about how Chyna’s inclusion was a huge relief to him. Here’s what he had to say:

I think that was the most exciting thing about this whole thing because when Brian [James] told me about it, he had said, ‘And Chyna’s going in.’ That was a huge relief for me. I’ve always said that she’s needed to go in. What goes on outside of wrestling is what goes on outside of wrestling, it has nothing to do with the fact that she was a huge impact in wrestling. That’s what it is wrestling. It’s not recognizing that I was once an addict, or that I’m not a good person. It has nothing to do with it. It’s her accomplishments, and while she should have gone in by herself, let’s look at the positive sides of this. She’s going in and with the group that put her on the map. One of the most iconic and influential groups of all-time.

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking HERE

Credit: Busted Open Radio. H/T Wrestlezone.

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