The Big Mistake WWE Is Making With The Shield Reunion


After an endless amount of teases and rumors towards a reunion of The Shield, finally came true on Monday night in October 9, 2017.

Reigns came out to his music, Ambrose to his and Rollins followed suit with his own music. No walking through the crowd. No “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta…” None of it. They proceeded to beat up the heels, which gave us a triple-powerbomb, but other than that, The Shield were stripped of many of the little things that made them cool.

Everybody knew it would happen. Especially when they ended the previous Raw standing together, it seemed like we were about to get a full-blown Shield relaunch. It didn’t happen that way.

As noted, they will wrestle together at TLC PPV. It will be their first match as a team since June 1st, 2014. What made The Shield so special was the fact that they came up together. None of them had appeared on main roster TV before.

It might be the same three guys. They might have gone by the same name, but that wasn’t The Shield. That was a way to get Reigns cheered for the next few weeks and, maybe, more.

WWE can salvage this. They just need to recognize the reasons for why The Shield was cool.

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