Big E Says He Knows When It’s “Time To Get Serious ” For His Singles Run, Talks Staying True To Himself


WWE superstar Big E from the New Day once again appeared on this week’s episode of Talking Smack, where he and The Miz continued their controversial conversation from last week’s show. The New Day member states that he hopes to remain “true to himself” during his singles-run, and assures fans that he knows when it is important for him to get serious.

I wanna do something that feels true to me. I wanna trust my instincts and my intuition…. Trust me that I have a barometer in myself. Trust me that I know when to steer the ship left to right. I know when to get serious.

They would also touch on the New Day’s social justice work, which includes a t-shirt of the trio kneeling in respect to the victims of police brutality. Big E adds that he wants this run to be as good as possible.

I’m focused on this run, being as good as possible. And I’m focused on doing my part to make this world a more equitable place.

Former WWE analyst, reporter, and commentator Renee Young would plug Big E’s appearance on Twitter this week. She writes, “Guys, @WWEBigE is the present and the future. Listen to this man. If you’ve not seen him on Talking Smack this week- do yourselves a favor and give it a watch/ listen. Thanks for having these conversations.”

Check it out below. (Video and transcriptions courtesy of TheNextBlGThing)

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