Big E On What He Thought Would Happen If The New Day Didn’t Pan Out


During a recent episode of Feel The Power, Big E revealed that he considered The New Day to be his last opportunity and that if it didn’t work out, he’d either be sent down to NXT or released. Here’s what he had to say:

I think it also for us it came from like a place of desperation at least for me. Like I’ve talked about many times, I felt like if this doesn’t go well, then I’m gone or I’m sent back down to NXT. It just feels like this is it. This is the last big pitch. All my chips have to be in on this. I have to give you my trust. I have to listen because you knew so much more than I did at the time, especially about how things work or the best way to put this thing together. I think instantly it all just felt right when Woods first came to me and then we worked with you and then with Kofi. It felt like, ok, these are the four men that should be working on this together. It just felt like all the pieces were where they needed to be. I didn’t know what in incarnation or how long the group would last. Getting six months of a faction would have been great. If you told me, hey, you’ll be on TV for 6 months, I would have been like I’m sold, and the fact that we are six years in and still going is amazing.

Credit: Feel The Power. H/T Wrestling News.

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