Big E doesn’t seem to like SmackDown’s top 10 list


WWE SmackDown Live unveiled a top ten list for its superstars, ostensibly to create a concrete list of contenders for each of its titles, and it was promptly panned by fans and critics alike.

At WrestleMania 34, WWE SmackDown’s big match for the WWE Championship is expected to pit the current champion, AJ Styles, against Royal Rumble winner Shinsuke Nakamura. All of the other potential ‘Mania feuds and matches are unclear, but the WWE tried to shed some light on the title picture by creating a top ten list.

Of course, Tye Dillinger was ranked No. 10, the WWE Champion was ranked No. 1, and Nakamura slotted in at No. 2. But fans and critics weren’t happy with the list, which was initially met with promising reactions.

That said, fans were upset that the New Day were ranked ahead of the SmackDownTag Team Champions, the Usos, and they also had a bone to pick with Naomi being ranked four spots ahead of Becky Lynch. Meanwhile, even heel announcer Corey Graves was perplexed that Randy Orton was merely ranked No. 9.

Furthermore, fans are questioning if these rankings actually matter, because Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler, neither of whom were ranked in the top ten, will have a match on Tuesday for a spot in the WWE Championship match at Fastlane. That match is currently a Triple Threat involving Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Styles, so it would become a Fatal Four-Way with either Ziggler or Corbin in the bout.

As you can see above, Big E had his take on the list, and, as usual, he offered a rather humorous perspective on the debate. Big E is known for his wit and somewhat raunchy jokes, so this was right in line with what you’d expect from him.

It’s interesting, though, because the New Day were ranked sixth, ahead of both Orton and the Usos. So if even Big E thinks this list isn’t worth much more than toilet paper, then I wonder what Corbin has to say about it. I also wonder if we’ll see more superstars reacting angrily to the list in kayfabe, because we did get an excellent promo from a disappointed Becky, which has honestly been the only good thing to come from this top ten. Well, that and this tweet from Big E.

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