Big Cass Wants To Face Roman Reigns At WrestleMania, Breaking Up With Anzo Amore


Source: Sport Bible

Cass spoke with Sport Bible on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Breaking up with Enzo Amore:

“I feel it could have maybe happened a little earlier, it definitely was a long time coming, a long time coming since NXT to be honest with you. I’ve definitely thought about it and talked about it, since NXT – there’s a lot of reasons behind that I won’t get into but someone can only tick-tail so much and eventually you reach the point where they are holding you back – to a certain extent. It’s just day after day, all you can keep thinking about is that so you definitely contemplating splitting. I definitely think it happened at the right time, if not even earlier would have been good.”

His WrestleMania goal:

“Roman Reigns has main evented three Wrestlemanias in a row and I’d really like to main event Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns. That’s the match I really want right now. Love him, hate him whatever you think of him it doesn’t matter, he’s main evented three straight Wrestlemanias and that’s almost unprecedented. I think The Rock is the only other guy to have been able to do that- three in a row. So right now, currently, [my dream match] is to main event Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns.”

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