Big Cass Reportedly Has a Future In Pro Wrestling After Recent Indie Spots


Former WWE star Big Cass, now using the “CaZXL” name on the indies, apparently has interest from pro wrestling companies.

We recently noted how Cass impressed people with his return at Lariato Pro Wrestling, the company owned by Luke Gallows. It was then noted again in late March how Cass impressed people after debuting with Melina as his manager for the SWE Fury promotion in Texas, which airs weekly on local TV, FITE, the Action Channel and other platforms.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that Cass is not done in pro wrestling, and is interested in doing more work after things went well with his recent indie appearances.

Gallows told Fightful that he has talked with higher-ups in pro wrestling companies about the possibility of using Cass, noting that “people HAVE to ask about a guy like that.”

Regarding Cass’ February appearance for Gallows’ promotion, Cass said he wanted to work that show to see if he still had love for wrestling, and was adamant that he wanted the appearance to be a surprise.

Stay tuned for more on Big Cass.

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